What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - CBT

CBT is a psychological approach based on scientific principles which research has shown to be effective for a wide range of emotional problems and physical health conditions in adults, adolescents, children and the elderly

NICE guidelines recommend CBT as a treatment for many common mental health disorders.  These include:

depression, the anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder and psychosis.

CBT works on the principle that how we think (our cognitions) affects how we feel (emotions) and behave (what we do).  Our actions can in turn affect how we feel and think as can our our physical bodily sensations

CBT usually focuses on difficulties in the here and now. The therapist and client work together to recognise unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and how they impact on the client.  This helps to improve the client's understanding their problem(s) and explore the changes they would like to make.

The client plays an active role in therapy and learns specific psychological and practical skills to help manage their particular difficulties and deal with any future set-backs.

Treatment is normally short term (usually between 6-20 sessions).

For further information on CBT please look on the BABCP website: